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LogSaver in action

Please ask for a LogSaver when you buy a new stove or if the retailer doesn't yet stock it then please order direct, it will help offset the cost of the stove!

If you already own a multi-fuel or log burning stove why not take the opportunity to save on your fuel bills and get carbon neutral free heat

Available from your local 'Lakeland' shop, stove shop, hardware store, garden centre or direct on this site.

A great way to reduce your CO2 footprint and save on logs.

No water - no waiting!

No drying - no mess!

Carbon neutral

Simple and clean to prepare.

Instant free heat from:- waste paper

junk mail - old directories

thin card - cartons etc.

Dramatic savings for a small outlay.  Use again and again and again!


£ 12.00 

Pack of 2 LogSavers

UK postage included


Please see Online Store

      2 for £20 offer